A backcountry permit is required to camp overnight in North Cascades National Park. Copper Ridge Trail: 13.9 miles (22 km) 1817 foot gain (554 m) from Boundary, 4170 foot gain (1271 m) from Chilliwack River: Hiking only. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Mount Baker Ranger District, Backpacking Washington (Douglas Loraine; Wilderness Press), Don’t Waste Your Time in the North Cascades (Kathy & Craig Copeland; Wilderness Press), Buy the Green Trails Mt. Challenger. Copper Ridge has very fragile vegetation. We whiled the minutes away in line by chatting with other permit-hopefuls who showed up as … Difficult. Stay left, to continue clockwise on the loop, to Copper Ridge. This is also where the worst of the flies start. This 4816 sq ft rancher w/ 2 basements is sure to impress! We left US Cabin Camp around 8:00 AM and got to Copper Lake around 7:30 PM that night (Kaelee got there 1.5 hrs faster than us...). Sunday September 2, 2018 US Cabin Camp to Copper Lake 12.75 miles, 4350 ft gain, and 1825 ft loss This was our longest day on trail and all of us felt it. The first part of the trail was easy peasy. It is very important that you do not walk on or otherwise disturb the covered areas. At 22.9 miles, pull yourself across the Chilliwack in a small 2-seater cable car. Ford the Chilliwack River, then follow the flagged route 100 yards to the ford of Indian Creek. Chilliwack River. At 17.9 miles is the low point, elevation 2225. The trail splits: left goes up to the Copper Ridge, right goes into Chilliwack River Valley. a large master suite w/5 piece ensuite & patio access. This weekend Ryan and I spent three days backpacking the Copper Ridge/Chilliwack River Loop in the North Cascades (~34 miles, the first four miles of which are in the national forest and the rest is in North Cascades National Park). This camp is outside of the park, and so does not require reservations. Trail Name: Copper Ridge Loop / North Cascades Loops. Stay on the main trails at all times. We hoped to hike the Copper Ridge/Chilliwack River Loop with an extension to Whatcom Pass and Tapto Lakes. On Labor Day weekend 2006, Theresa and I hiked the Copper Ridge Loop in the North Cascades. From here on you need permits to camp. The pull rope is rough and requires some strength; gloves are advised.After the cable car crossing, climb gently past U.S. Cabin Camp at 23.6 miles, then to Copper Creek Camps at 26.1. From here, the way climbs steeply through old growth forest, with some switchbacks for another 1.5 miles, before reaching clearing on top of Copper Ridge, around 7 miles in. From here on, the trail goes mostly through the forest until you reach the top of Copper Ridge, with the exception of Whatcom Pass which tops out above tree line. Boundary Camp is in a subalpine area and fires are not permitted. Copper Ridge Loop RECOMMENDED ROUTE. The Copper Ridge loop trail is an American classic, tucked right beneath the Canadian border, in the North Cascades National Park. If you encounter it, please know that the person who lost it was very upset about littering in the wilderness. Copper Ridge Loop RECOMMENDED ROUTE. 5 ... Make a wet crossing across the Chilliwack River, and follow the route a short ways to another crossing of Indian Creek. Here and on the remainder of the loop, the trail may be brushy and overgrown, often with blueberry bushes.At 8.1 miles is Silesia camp with no water source; at 8.2 miles is the junction to Egg Lake, where both water and camps can be found 0.3 mile below.From the Egg Lake junction, climb the ridge above the lake, and on to some of the best views, approaching the Copper Mountain Lookout at 9.9 miles, elevation 6260 feet.Next is the big drop - from the high point of this loop to the low point. While the North Cascades have far more to offer, if you only have one day, this loop definitely encompasses what makes the North Cascades so special. Graybeal Camp is located 2 miles (3 km) up the valley, and Whatcom Camp is just before the pass. Follow the US Forest Service Hannegan Pass Trail #674 to Boundary Camp, then either head up to Copper Ridge or down along the Chilliwack River, depending … Views of Challenger Glacier and the Little Beaver valley are expansive. We covered the first 1.5km quickly, until the path directed us straight into the river-- our first fording attempt of the morning. 98284. From here it climbs up to Copper Ridge, past a gorgeous lookout, and then back to Hannegan Pass. Entertainer's delight! Parking requires a Northwest Forest Pass or federal recreation pass, available at all ranger stations. Note that in late summer, Graybeal Camp is dry, so you'll have to get water from Brush Creek where the trail drops close to it a half mile before the camp.Beyond the Brush Creek junction, 22.6 miles from the trailhead, bypass the horse ford to get to the cable car crossing. Chilliwack River Trail: 17.3 miles (28 km), Hiking and stock as far as Brush Creek trail, then hiking only. It's best tackled as a 4 day, 3 night backpacking trip traversed counter-clockwise, taking the Chilliwack River branch first before finishing along the Copper Ridge branch. At 1.3 miles, stay left on Ruth Creek Road, and drive the final 4 miles to road’s end. If you can snag it, try getting a reservation for Graybeal Camp, 2.1 miles in from the Brush Creek Trail junction. See the detailed trail description for more information. Retrace your steps over Hannegan Pass and down the final 5.1 miles to the trailhead.WTA Pro Tip: Visit Graham’s Restaurant in Glacier for a hearty post-hike meal or maybe a Framboise Lambic. The Copper Ridge/Chilliwack River loop was my destination, an iconic 34-mile hike in the North Cascades. There is parking for 30 vehicles plus additional shoulder parking. Far too long on the bucket list, but no more. Experience the variety offered by the North Cascades: high mountain ridges with spectacular views, a remote river valley, and even a self-propelled cable car river crossing. This is also where the worst of the flies start. The loop can be hiked as a multi-day backpacking trip over several days, or, if you’re short on time or enjoy a good sufferfest, hiked or ran in one long day. Washington State … the sight of Mt. Spectacular North Cascades backpack loop along Copper Ridge returning along the Chilliwack River. A second night camp at Graybeal divides the hike up comfortably, giving you a chance to start fresh on the steep climb up and over Whatcom Pass on day three. Without a doubt the second best hike I have done in Washington, with the Enchantments taking first place. A map showing the loop route, campgrounds, and trails is found at this link. The approximate distance of the loop is 34 miles with about 9,000 feet of climbing. Each day was between 10-13 miles of hiking. Ken Giesbers. Moderate Copper Ridge/Chilliwack River Backpack North Cascades National Park September 5th-9th, 2008 **Submit your photos/comments to romick1@comcast.net *Roy McCormick *Mike Baum. Just past the town of Glacier, stop at the Public Service Center to obtain overnight permits, then continue another 12.7 miles. Actually the story started 7 years ago when I hiked the Copper Ridge trail forded the Chilliwack River and made acquaintance with a bunch of spawning salmon. We opted to continue uphill on the Copper Ridge trail and then return via the Chilliwack River Trail. Start out from the popular Hannegan Pass trailhead, climbing gently for 3.7 miles to a junction for Hannegan Camp. After rising and falling along the ridge for many miles, the trail eventually makes a precipitous descent to the Chilliwack River valley (dropping 2400 feet in five miles -- 730 m in 8 km). Fires are not allowed at any of the camps along Copper Ridge, or at Boundary and Whatcom camps. While I’ve been on parts of this trail a few times before, I never have tried the full loop, until this week. Copper Ridge / Chilliwack River Loop. But my poor sweet legs. Richard Lambe September 05, 2019. At 11.2 miles is Copper Lake and camps. Water is available from a creek just outside of camp, a short distance from the trail.At 4.2 miles is Hannegan Pass and a junction to a side trail up Hannegan Peak. We opted to do the trip in three days and two nights over Labor Day weekend. It was two hikes in one really: a ridgeline hike with countless peaks stretching well into the Canadian wild, and a river valley hike amidst old, second growth conifers that conjures the ghosts of one’s imagination. 15 map. This strenuous loop trip combines the best of North Cascades terrain: a rare ridge walk with expansive mountain views, and one of the finest old growth forested hikes in the park, along a salmon river. Photo by Ken Giesbers. Cross Indian Creek via suspension bridge, then climb 400 feet to the junction with the Brush Creek Trail at 21.8 miles. We hiked the loop in a counterclockwise direction, starting in the Chilliwack River Valley, then working our way up to Copper Ridge. Copper Ridge Loop is a 30-ish-mile lollipop loop in the North Cascades. Shuksan‘s tumultuous, glaciated north face will have you groping for adjectives to replace “awwwe-some” or “un-bee-lievable.” Even from a distance you have to crane your neck to take in all of the massive peak. Go right to find Indian Creek Camp and the 19 mile point. We hiked 35 miles over 3 days with some serious elevation gain. From I-5 exit 255, go east 34 miles on SR 542. Views of Ruth Mountain dominate this area. Subscribe to our free email newsletter for hiking events, news, gear reviews and more.