Book Week 2020. Source: BOSTES All My Own Work �x@�)+�]����G+`+��Z���WXA�)�Xy`��@�X���D��j����ʶ�+yU`�#��d����B�*�� c�L�!˼�Uk�����H�e��v��얔Kt`�+GM�7öv�%l�� �R�0�ۦ�=�J�PSnp� A�&��O�[/�m������x�M+�����@���� �ڙ�S�� ����K7��G++y($�-֕�GՔ��j�G1��bhf nhD������n���J/8�2"��"!o�~;�=�a���2�qi���Ӷ��Dg:?�"���sE��l�������.�,;��Vٓ�w�3�_���p� Module 2a: Acknowledging Sources True or False. Grab Our Exam Preparation package - all you need to be sharp and ready to roll for your HSC Chemistry exam, including: - Exam papers from 2015, 2016 and 2017 HSC Chemistry courses - Marking guide and markers' notes for each year (Learn from others' mistakes! STUDY. Acknowledging Sources. �x@�)+�]����G+`+��Z���WXA�)�Xy`��@�X���D��j����ʶ�+yU`�#��d����B�*�� c�L�!˼�Uk�����H�e��v��얔Kt`�+GM�7öv�%l�� �R�0�ۦ�=�J�PSnp� A�&��O�[/�m������x�M+�����@���� �ڙ�S�� ����K7��G++y($�-֕�GՔ��j�G1��bhf nhD������n���J/8�2"��"!o�~;�=�a���2�qi���Ӷ��Dg:?�"���sE��l�������.�,;��Vٓ�w�3�_���p� (�6F�Dr I0$ Spell. Naturally, they must acknowl-edge your work by naming you and your work. trailer <<551C0DA06FB711DBB23F0014516867C8>]>> startxref 0 %%EOF 539 0 obj<>stream x�b```b``������z�����b �q �=��Vx́AZD��G+�xI��#�Ag�?s�D��c�갷�L$fm͹d"��Uv� a��y�v��x�. The HSC … The statement that Hobart is the capital of Tasmania should be acknowledged. For all HSC Extension courses except HSC Mathematics Extension 2, an HSC Extension course may only be studied concurrently with, or after completing, the HSC 2 … 0000001277 00000 n If plagiarism is detected your school may refuse to certify your project as ‘authentic work’. Concluding Sentence a. 0000000945 00000 n Link: H�\�͎�0��~ Library Lessons. In Year 12, you will take four Modules. 0000003445 00000 n Contact Info. Link: Super unoptimised lots of mistakes Their work is their property (8) 6 Authors and creators of works need freedom which comes from making a living from their work (7) Plagiarism is a type of cheating. Follow up any concerns you have with tasks at the time they are returned to you. ), and - A data sheet, complete with a Periodic Table of the Elements. In Year 11, you took three modules – Common Module: Reading to Write, Module A: Narratives that Shaped Our World, Module B: Critical Study of Literature. �$��@*4�:(!����7�7�`Cx9 %PDF-1.5 %���� False. w�O� ��� endstream endobj 528 0 obj<> endobj 529 0 obj<> endobj 530 0 obj<> endobj 531 0 obj<>stream Plagiarism 4. True. Source: BOSTES All My Own Work H�\��n�0��z Prescribed Texts for HSC English Module A: Language Identity and Culture. 2 - 3 Quotes c. Can focus on one text, or compare two 4. 5 Using others’ work as your own, word for word, without adequate acknowledgement or attribution (7) 6 A list of all the sources used in the preparation of a piece of work ( 2) 7 One method of citation made at the foot of a page (9) 8 The theft of the words and ideas of others ( 0) 9 Your academic integrity depends on how _____ you are (6) H�\�͎�0��~ This is an certainly easy means to specifically acquire lead by on-line. The bibliography is located at the end of the piece of work. HSC: All my Own Work is designed to help HSC students follow the principles and practices of good scholarship. 3. This module requires you to write a HSC persuasive piece based on an understanding of your text. Any help you have received must be acknowledged. 48 Park Avenue, East 21st Street, Apt. Module C will be studied either separately from other modules or can be integrated into your study of the common module, Module A or Module B, depending on your teacher. Photos. Introduction. 0000002232 00000 n 0000001631 00000 n �щ!O�+�pEv%P�� ��TkO��3�g4��m�@��ߨ�$�w�{\�3�kD����Zl�jcT�����{.������+���_d�\�O�;*cX����k|ޓ�.�8�.�e0�! The NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC) The HSC is the highest educational award you can gain in New South Wales schools. 0000005406 00000 n Book Club. g#~bwBʐ)���f�8Y� By�uQѬ�Hğc\]������C������`��v}�. �C [$wc@0�� �CP� K�+��Y9����1��d-.�È�|����vr����ir��k�t���:�c:�]�,\���}6�֗jȬ�p�N��N}V�.�iϮ�xs��?��,�>6il��{��=�%u�[���5��ۯ��$��eO�ƞ����j>V�� ��|I��o�u��4V�9e�®�+_�Zg�k�{��e�S���r��/"v��6���͋�5Ŗz���AsoLs_��sO�=�r�K���_@{j>����p 8�R+49�����~C��&�O � ������`�i2�`����������[@n������[Dn��̑�̑�̑�̑�̑�̑�̑�����B/���K�%�x �^B/�����w$xG¬Y �d%�J����/�����2+EVJ~��_���W�+��J~��_���W�+��J~��_���o���*��fg]�a�Z�޿J|��\�{O������܁�>��v�I �� Your teachers must be satisfied that the work you are presenting is your own, particularly in tasks that require work to be done at home. Opening Epi Info. Module 3 - PlagiarismWhat is plagiarism?
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